New Single: The Corks - Honey Punch

The Corks are back in 2019 with a brand new single ''Come Back to Me'' set to be released everywhere on February 15th. Recorded and mixed by Peter Edwards (Grimskunk) at Studio Plateau in Montreal, ''Come Back to Me'' features a modern and refreshing twist to guitar music.

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SSMU Musicians Collective rocks out at La Vitrola | The McGill Tribune

It's add-drop season, so before profs start slamming students with endless readings, the Students' Society of McGill University (SSMU) Musicians Collective gathered in La Vitrola on Jan. 10 to kick off the Winter semester. The Plateau/Mile End vibe was strong that night: Blundstones, Radiohead, and cheap beer were plentiful.

The Corks 'The Corks' (EP stream)

Montreal-based four-piece the Corks are ready to unleash their new self-titled EP, and Exclaim! is giving you an exclusive first listen. ...

I FEEL LOVE | Music blog | Montreal | Ic3Y MAG

On Saturday February 16, we hosted our event I Feel Love at La Vitrola in Montreal. Sweet Daydream made their debut as a band, Barber For The Queen got the cro

Top 5 Artists to Watch in 2017 - Owen Maxwell

After the endless downward spiral of 2016, it finally feels like we're all ready to get back on our feet and start moving forward again, and what better way to do that than with some amazing new music to soundtrack that push back.

[NAS MEDIA REVIEW] INDIE WEEK 2017 | Heard It From Nas

Indie Week is back again and it's better than ever! From November 7-12, it was nothing but a fun jam packed week full of informational seminars from music industry leaders, amazing showcases/performances by talented musicians from all over the world, and great networking mixers in between.

Canadian Music Week: The Noise FM, Bike Thiefs, The Corks, and Chuck Coles - Live at The Bovine Sex Club - May 2nd, 2016 - Toronto, ON - Bucketlist Music Reviews

Ah, Canadian Music Week . A string of both small and big shows that take place all throughout Toronto. The festival's smaller shows are just like any other local show... except for this week only. But, come on, guys, there's a banner! And more employees! And more awareness! Cool.