“The Corks played last, with a bluesy rock sound that occasionally teeters towards funk. They brought a well-needed bolt of lightning to the venue. Songs like Take Me Home proved to be not only excellently crafted and performed, but insanely catchy.” 

- The McGill Tribune 

“The Corks proved themselves to be a talented bunch with the lead singer possessing a great voice and dominant stage presence. He was constantly jumping around, sometimes even hanging over the guardrail at the front of the stage. The guitarist was also equally talented, playing a number of catchy, upbeat riffs with a slight blues and funk influence that sounded straight out of the 90s” 

– Bucketlist Music Reviews 


Formed in 2015, The Corks are a 4-piece alternative rock band from Montreal. What started off as a couple of friends jamming covers together slowly turned into a songwriting powerhouse. Philippe Moisan (guitar), Sacha Gubany (vocals), Jonathan Verreault (drums) and Vincent Lambert (bass) met in their first year of University and instantly clicked through their common love for rock’n’roll. 

Some of the band’s highlights include being featured as one of Montreal’s top 5 acts to watch in 2017, and playing multiple shows across Ontario and Quebec, including festivals like CMW and Indie Week. 

Describing the band’s sound is quite tough, as it has been constantly evolving. While their first singles evoked early Black Keys fuzzy garage rock vibes, their 2017 self-titled EP took a more elaborated and mature direction. "Very few bands could claim they boast a mix of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mother Mother and Foals but somehow The Corks blend it all without sounding goofy or derivative" (Best Kept Montreal, 2017).

In their own words, “we don’t really feel the need to commit to just one style of music. We kind of just start jamming and if we like what we hear, we’ll write a song off of it”. 

The boys are currently finishing up mixing for their forthcoming EP, that was recorded in Montreal with engineer Peter Edwards (Grimskunk), and for which a first single is set to be released in early February 2019.